Student - teacher conflicts ~ a cycle of (subjective) accusations

When an important relationship or association goes awry it's to be expected that each will see faults in the other and that blame will begin to be attributed accordingly.  In a situation in which one party is in a position of authority this is particularly difficult.  When the association is based in spiritual matters which are unquantifiable through other means, things can get furiously wound up and distorted. 

In a gesture which turned out to contain supreme irony, Teri at one time passed on  to me a book about auras.  It contained the passage below.  She had a habit of underlining passages in her books and on one of the early pages I found this one:
It is one of the paradoxes commonly known among healers that a few of those healed will, inexplicably, become dire enemies of the healer.
The next passage has a wavy line running down the page next to it and the single word, “yes”.
If, in addition to a difference in strengths, there are opposing polarities then things are more acute and less subtle. If one person’s aura is clear, clean and capable of flowing at the interface with the world generally, while the other is negative, in-turned and locked, then there can arise murderous hatred on the part of the latter. This has at least the advantage of preventing long-term interaction...
This sounds like the voice of bitter experience to me.  The clear implication is that the healer is the one with the 'good' aura, and the person who is unable to respond, chooses not to do so or gets angry, is the client.  The difficulty with this sort of thinking is that it can so conveniently be applied to whomever we fall out with, with us in the position of being 'good' of course.  The reality is that we are all so mixed.

In my own situation, I can easily see that if I made a direct accusation of this sort to Teri, I would find the exact same accusation being directed at me.  Psychologists would describe this sort of dynamic as one of projections.  So who is right?  

Something very similar occurred a short time before I broke off my association with Teri.  Both of us were in poor health and feeling the worse for wear.  Through a mutual friend she conveyed that she couldn't see me or even speak to me because it made her so unwell.  Her explanation: I had reached my most damaged parts.  This was in the context of my self-development and healing processes.  I was upset and outraged at being treated this way.  I began to wonder whose damaged parts were whose.  Looking back I think she was probably projecting her own inner turmoil onto me.  

However, regardless of what the facts of the matter may have been, the chief difficulty I want to point out here is that a reason for her indisposition was concocted from 'spiritual' causes which, as usual, could not be substantiated other than through her own pronouncements which were supposedly based on 'channelled' material.  These sorts of statements are extremely unhelpful and are likely to mask other issues which are then not addressed.  

In my case some of these issues related to repeated invasions of privacy and my beginning to say no to constant and unreasonable demands, and dear oh dear, beginning to 'channel' contradictory points of view.  Naturally, Teri must have found this somewhat upsetting as she was used to a rather more agreeable reception.  Perhaps this discomfort prompted her to trot out that assertion.  I'm sure she would have felt completely justified in her reasoning and in the right, but unfortunately recognising this just made me resentful and more questioning of her state of mind.

Fortunately for once I didn't take any of it literally; it only added to my sense of being ill-used and made me more inclined to bail out.  Which I ended up doing, and just as well!  I wish I'd done it years before.  But I did learn from it, and hope that sharing these thoughts helps others who may have similar challenges.

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