Calming panic / agitation with a simple physical pose ~

29th December 2013
We all have times of feeling vulnerable, panicky or just plain all over the place, and at such times it can be hard to calm down.  This pose, which was passed on to me by a psychotherapist, is one I have found helpful and may provide others with some relief.  It can be done almost anywhere and without attracting attention, a big plus if you happen to be sitting on an aeroplane or other crowded space. 

It's done seated. 
  • Start with both feet flat on the floor side by side.
  • Lift your left foot over the right and rest the soles of both feet in comfortable contact with the ground / floor.
  • Stretch your arms straight out in front of you and turn the palms together.
  • Holding the position of the hands just as they are, lift the right arm over the left.  The backs of your hands will now be in contact with each other.
  • Roll your hands apart keeping the little figures of each hand in contact so that the palms are together again.  Your thumbs will now be pointing down.
  • Lightly clasp your hands by interlacing the fingers.
  • Still holding your hands linked drop your arms and turn your fingertips towards your tummy and then inwards and upwards towards your chin.
  • Rest the small fingers against your sternum / breast bone, or thereabouts.
Breathing ~ gently!
  • Breathe in through the nose.  Keep your mouth closed and rest the tongue against the roof of the mouth.  Gently expand the belly as you do so.
  • Breathe Out through the mouth.  Rest the tongue on the floor of the mouth.  Gently contract the belly as you do so.  
Continue while it helps.  You may start to yawn, which is expected, even helpful.  Keep going if you want to.  

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