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In any discussion of this subject it is important to distinguish between physical and emotional trauma. Physical trauma relates to serious injuries resulting in a medical emergency. Emotional trauma relates to emotional injury and is psychological in nature.

Physical trauma may result in emotional trauma, but not necessarily. For those who want an overview of both fields here is the link to the Wikipedia article about trauma.

My focus is on psychological trauma. Again, Wikipedia provides a good overview. When intense emotional shock has been experienced trauma may result. Many people may use the term 'shock' whereas a doctor may use the term 'trauma'.

Abuse in any form may result in trauma although not always.

Initially, this may manifest as an Acute Stress Reaction, also referred to as an Acute Stress Disorder. Here is the Wikipedia definition.

If disabling symptoms persist for months doctors may consider a diagnosis of Post-traumatic stress disorder, or P.T.S.D. Here is the Wikipedia definition. This disorder can have a much delayed on-set.

Broadly speaking PTSD is characterised by the following symptoms:
  • Re-living the trauma in the form of repetitious unwanted memories, flashbacks, as well as the physical symptoms experienced at the time, such as palpitations, and other indications of panic.
  • Avoidance and numbing - anything associated with the event is avoided as the individual attempts to block out memories. 
  • Hyper-arousal - the individual is constantly on-guard and irritable, easily upset, and has difficulty sleeping.
Not surprisingly, the wars in the Middle East have caused untold chaos in the lives of many returned soldiers. Figures in one of the articles below indicates that one in eight subsequently suffers from PTSD. This has spurred research.

It must be presumed that local populations in these war-torn countries have also had their lives severely disrupted, leaving whole communities not only physically shattered but also traumatised.

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