Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. ~ comments and links

There is a mass of information and material on the web about this condition.  My purpose here is to present a useful cross-section from what look like reputable sources.

Chronic fatigue can have many causes and long term fatigue is not necessarily the same thing as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, otherwise known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or M.E.

The Whittemore Peterson Institute provides a good crisp definition.
Definitions vary somewhat so I have also included two others:
New York Times health guide - definition

Those suffering from chronic fatigue conditions could expect their doctor to investigate other possible causes before arriving at a diagnosis of CFS.

Difficulties in diagnosing CFS arise from lack of identifiable causes and no conclusive tests.  However, the Pacific Fatigue Lab in California has recently conducted heartening research on post-exertional fatigue.  It shows not only that many CFS sufferers are uncharacteristically exhausted by exercise and take a long time to recover, but also that if exercise is repeated after a reasonably short interval, there is a further, much more severe drop-off of exercise capability.  This unexpected response is distinctive in many CFS sufferers.  The original article published by the lab itself has been removed from their site recently.  Fortunately I found this article which provides a full discussion of it. 

Other research has extended to the study of genes which is referred to in this BBC news item.

CFS sufferers include some very articulate people whose views and experiences can be read on the following sites:
  • The link here is to the review of a book on CFS which includes interesting comments from sufferers.  Please note that this book has proved unpopular with most reviewers.
The book "Surviving M.E." by Joyce Fox (Vermillion, 1996) is highly recommended by a friend.  Here is a brief review.  Note that it's the top review only.  Despite its old publication date it can still be obtained new from both Amazon UK and

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