About me and this chronicle ~ an introduction

When we are in the throes of crisis our lives can seem utterly desolate and ruined, yet in the long run much good may come of it.  I feel that this is true for me.  Prior to the onset of the difficulties I describe here I had got way off track, and although I didn't see it that way at the time, the hammer blows of fate that shattered that old way were necessary.  I now feel more true to myself than I was before.  New well-springs do rise up - if we let them.  Life does eventually fill the empty spaces.

I'm a thoughtful, sensitive person and always have been.  I've always been interested in how things work, both physically and spiritually.  I have a similar level of interest in how people function and relate to each other.  These have combined to provide a great deal of interest in my life in many directions, but they have also got me into a lot of strife.  I like to find things out from direct experience, which has led me to explore some dubious territory without realising it.

In my thirties I was working very hard full time and also busy exploring New Age ideas and therapies.  Looking back it is no surprise that this led to a grand crisis by the time I was reaching forty.  I've spent the last ten or so years attempting to recover and make sense of it.

It has been an exceedingly difficult time made more so by the paucity of useful information and the gross unhelpfulness of people in positions whose work it is to help.  The creation of this set of writings has been fuelled not only by my wish that others have better resources than I did but also by my anger at the negligence and mediocrity of all those 'helpers' who appeared as if they couldn't care less.  In other cases good people who did care were constrained by senseless regulations, mindless check lists and far too much to do.  Although I have been difficult to help much of what I needed, and didn't get, was at a very basic level.

Having said that, there has been a small number of professionals from whom I have had  valuable attention.  These and the generous friendship of close family and friends have got me through.  My heartfelt thanks to all of you.  

Isolation is a big issue for each of us at a time of crisis as well as in living with enduring illness and disability.  Researching this set of writings has brought me a much expanded awareness not only of factual information but also the stories of others who are or have been through similar experiences.  Reading about their emotional upheavals as well as the conclusions they've arrived at has opened my eyes - I'm not as alone as I had thought.  Many of these people are authors, doctors and highly trained individuals whose opinions and advice are based on direct personal or professional experience.  I've included lots of links to articles and book information so that you too can find them.

I will probably add to and amend the content of this chronicle from time to time.  Although some changes may take the form of new articles most will probably be made to the existing ones.  I've added an 'updates' page to the top right hand corner of the screen so  that readers can see where new material has been added in.
I wish you all a safe passage.

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