Of aliens and the star races

By far the most damaging of the New Age material I came across was to do with aliens, also described as extra-terrestrials.  For a time I believed all this material implicitly, and have to say I now see it not only as foolish but also as damaging.  People get frightened, which is not helpful.

While it would be arrogant to assume that our planet holds the most intelligent life of anywhere in a universe as vast as we know is out there, it is foolish to speculate about possibilities without having some basis in fact, at least in historical traditions.  Fiction is one thing; to extrapolate that into supposed fact in the form of channelled material is something else again.

There is nothing in this which is akin to astrology as it is commonly practised, which can be a tool for examining personal issues.

The star race literature features stories of 'good' highly evolved star races and 'bad' degenerate ones.  The premise with all this is that (most) humans have not originated on Earth and therefore do not properly belong to Earth's other populations of animals, insects and so on.  'We' had been part of migrations from these star races in pre-historic times.  The group of people I was associating with a decade or so ago looked at what our spiritual genealogies were in relation to various parts of the galaxies.  As if we didn't have enough to deal with here on earth. 

At one time I accumulated a considerable collection of star essences.  These expensive little bottles of fluid, mostly water, had been carefully made from droplets of liquid placed on telescopic plates on which images of various stars in our skies were magnified.  These essences were supposed to assist in working with certain energies in our psyches, which I believed was possible, even desirable.

I became frightened.  A woman I knew who seemed to know all about it said that aliens could walk right into you if they wanted to, and I think was very frightened herself of this possibility.  She said she had had one appear on her balcony one evening, and had very rapidly 'changed frequencies' to get out of its range.  Groups of us periodically worked to clear infestations of what we called devices, which aliens had planted in various places, in conspiracies to steal earth's resources. 

I became isolated.  People often find there is something a bit different about me.  I don't know what that is: I'm fairly ordinary looking, moderately friendly, reasonably articulate, and so on.  However, they can't categorise me.  I think this became a 'reason' for a number of people I knew in the New Age circuit to say that they didn't know which star race I came from, what my genealogy was.  They were puzzled.

One well-known clairvoyant who visited from overseas echoed this statement, although he said he did know where I came from - and told me.  There were only a few of my sort here, he said.  Whatever the truth of this may or may not be, it was extremely unhelpful.  I had always been a somewhat lonely person, and at that time I was feeling increasingly isolated.  My credulity was matched only by my extreme fragility at that time, and this 'information' made my sense of isolation many times worse than it would otherwise have been.

It was a long time before I debunked all this.  Denial of having evolved from the animal kingdom is very deeply rooted in modern Western thinking.  For so long the Christian church has taught that we were created directly into human form by God himself, and since the theory of evolution has been so well documented we see the rise of this other notion. 

In search of my earthly identity I carried out an extensive family history project, establishing my genealogy through my far-flung extended and very ordinary earth-bound family.  I found I wasn't unusual at all, but clearly had characteristics that I shared with many other relations and forebears all of which was firmly embedded in my temperament and personality.  I was an earthling after all.

I discarded all those essences, emptying them first into a pot and then onto the sun-hot pavement, so that none of it would go into the ground!  I watched with satisfaction as it evaporated in the heat.  It was strange to see how something which had had such a powerful effect on my thoughts and feelings was represented by a small amount of brownish water, and so easily dissipated.  Good.  I've kept the book, I don't know why.  As evidence, maybe!

I wonder now if at least a portion of reports about alien abductions arise from trauma of a very different sort, possibly sexual abuse, where what actually happened may be mentally blotted out by this other construction.  It would match the description of aliens being able to walk into us whenever they wanted to, and which we would be powerless to prevent.  

If you must explore this sort of material, at least look at that which has reasonably good credentials established by science or sound journalism, rather than a load of fabrications in the form of 'channelled' material. 

Nick Cook's television documentary "An alien history of Planet Earth" provided me with welcome input on this troublesome topic.  I found him refreshingly impartial and the material very wide-ranging.  His conclusion: some reported cases of extra-terrestrial sightings and activity seemed genuine, whereas most were not.  Furthermore, most of the supposed activity and sightings that did have some substance were linked either to illegal activity of a particularly distasteful variety, or to secret research and armed forces projects.  As usual, the main culprits are humans.

Dr Edgar Mitchell speaks about extra-terrestrials in this memorable interview.  Those of you who find him an interesting character may be interested to see more of him in the superb documentary "In the shadow of the moon" about the Apollo landings on the moon in the 1960s.  He was one of those astronauts.

My view now is that we need to keep our feet firmly on the ground and worry about the troubles humans are creating here on this planet, and set aside this other business until it has more substance.

Dr Dennis Gersten presents a completely different angle in his book "Are You Getting Enlightened or Losing Your Mind? How to Master Everyday and Extraordinary Spiritual Experiences"
Belief in something beyond the mind and body pervades Asia and affects many other aspects of life besides medical and psychological diagnosis.  In Burma, people who spend years meditating have visions of creatures that live in another dimension of consciousness.  These pale creatures with large dark eyes fit the common descriptions of aliens.  According to the spiritual adepts who see these creatures, they are not aliens but live right here next to us, although they generally cannot be seen without 'spiritual sight'.

(Chapter 6, page 91 of the hard cover version).
That feels more likely to me.

Mind you, if we were all originally from 'somewhere else' it would explain one particular trade mark of our species - stupidity.  And no, I am not exempt.

It would also explain our ingrained insistence that we and our planet will be rescued from the consequences of our own bad behaviour, of which we are perfectly well aware.  Collectively we seem convinced that this help will come from somewhere remote and in the form of beings much more powerful than we are in the form of God, messiahs or superior beings from other galaxies.

Whatever the case, we seem incapable of managing our own messes, so let us hope that they do.  But since they aren't yet in evidence, we would do well to suppose that it's possible that they won't, and to get on with the job of saving ourselves and our livelihood, this planet, as best we can.  It's our mess, no one else's.  And let's also start praying for a little collective wisdom in action.

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