Energy drop-off and related issues

This has been a core problem for me, so although I expect that parts of what I say may be a contentious for some readers there may be others who will find it helpful.  There isn't much literature about it, but I have found some which I mention below.  

Energy drop-offs can happen for a number of reasons, and if we are particularly sensitive or unwell we are likely to experience this sort of thing more often than others.  When we are fit and active we probably have sufficient surplus in our energy fields to deal with fluctuations without even being aware of them.  

If you are chronically unwell and experience these often I suggest you mention them to your doctor who may have a medical explanation or treatment. 

In my view the other main reasons these fluctuations are likely to occur are:

(1) Highly sensitive individuals register and notice a mass of fine detail that passes other people by.  This means that their nervous systems and brains have more to process it than those who are less sensitive.  They are likely to get tired before others, and to need more time to refresh themselves and reflect.  Elaine Aron talks about this in her excellent book "The highly sensitive person: how to thrive when the world overwhelms you".  I came across this book when I was in my thirties and it proved to be a big help.  I realised it was natural that I would need more time to rest and reflect than others.  I also realised that an open-plan workroom was completely wrong for me and always would be - too much going on.
Note: this is a different from the depletion and hyper-sensitivity which may accompany illness. 

(2) Energy finds its own level: in one of his books, I think it's "Working with Earth Energies". David Furlong says that to some degree this is just a part of life: in any environment or group of individuals energy will find it's own level.  Therefore a high energy person is likely to find their energy levels drop when they are in the company of people with a noticeably lower level.  It's worth paying attention to this if there are places or people that leave you with less energy than you would expect.

(3) People either consciously or unconsciously drain off the energy or life force of another:  David goes on to describe this phenomena giving an example of an instance in which he found himself inexplicably tired.  This was later explained by a client who had cancelled an appointment he had been unable to make and who volunteered the information that since he still needed help he had simply focused his thoughts on David and imagined he was receiving what he needed and felt much better as a result.  Oh dear, I'm sure David explained to him that this is not the thing to do at all and is in fact extremely bad manners.   

It was a relief to read this as I am sure I've suffered from this a lot and if that has indeed been the case I've had enough of this sort of trouble to last me several life times!

This concept may come as a surprise to readers.  Most people are likely to have heard of the concept of absent healing, in which a person can be prayed for by others who are distant from them, and still receive benefit.  The reverse effect, of individuals syphoning off the life force of others, is much less well known.  

John Michael Greer mentions it in his book, "The new encyclopedia of the occult" as part of one of the entries there.  

In  Ai Gvhdi Waya's book "Soul Extraction and Recovery" she goes into it in greater detail.  I have no experience of shamanic healing, so can't comment on her technique but was most interested to read what she had to say about it.  She calls people who do this power stalkers and says they have the ability to place an umbilical-like chord or line into the aura of another and to drain them of energy on a continuous basis.  She says that this sort of problem accounts for about 5% or her cases.  It's a form of vampirism. 

I'm sure she's right, although I don't think it's always as sinister as that.  I think that people who are very fearful or dependent may do it in a reflexive way, clutching at others for a sense of safety and reassurance.   

My experience: 
Teri used to complain of it constantly and we spent hours working out who or what was affecting her on a regular basis and sorting out the resulting problems.

Little did I imagine that I would find myself in a similar situation in the years ahead long after I had broken off contact with her.  Even less did I imagine that I would find that she was almost the only culprit, day after day after day, for years.  Every time I spent hours working with a divining method to figure out what route she had used this time.  Once I had identified all the parts and said a prayer about it, it stopped. Every time. Until the next time when it would be different.  It nearly drove me insane. In another twist of the weird, it also affected my partner, often simultaneously, although it affected us differently.  I would go blank and exhausted, feel drugged and sometimes dizzy.  He would get light-headed and sometimes dizzy.  

Because I didn't trust anyone else to do anything about this for me, I experimented with various methods of dealing with it myself.  It took me years to get rid of what seemed like her interference.

I came to wonder if in fact she had been the victim of her own behaviour all those years, when she had seemed to be plagued by others doing it to her: maybe she had been the one doing the syphoning off. Other people's energy is never going to be right for us even if they give it willingly.  Of course this is pure conjecture, but it would fit with other things that happened that I didn't think much about until years later.

Readers will see what a hotbed for smoke and mirrors there is with all this sort of thinking, where accusations and counter-accusations about what is really going on being completely theoretical and yet charged with an exaggerated level of mental and emotional energy - energy of a quite different sort to the topic under discussion!

I continued to ponder this problem for years.
One night when I was listening to the news I heard a Maori church minister talking about the power some people can exert over others through malignant thinking.  He said that no one could cause actual harm to another in this way unless the person attacked had a corresponding fault line of some sort in themselves.  Ah ha!  If that was so, what was it in me that was allowing this to happen?

What I finally found I could do about it: 
I eventually came to recognise that my instinctive helpfulness was a big contributing factor.  In the past, if I sensed anyone near or dear to me in any kind of distress, my automatic response even at an unconscious level, was to try to help, to comfort.  And I do seem to pick up things at long range.  Bingo!  I was a very easy target!!!  I may have been picking up Teri on my radar unconsciously and responded automatically.  

So my new tactic if I feel unaccountably drained is first to see who I think might have tagged onto me, and then, regardless of any of that I say very loudly and firmly "I'm busy and not going to help you.  If you're upset or unwell, I cannot and will not help.  You'll have to ask somebody else."  That usually stops it.  Hoo-bloody-ray!

People discussing their troubles with me in person is one thing, then I can decide if I will listen and offer help - or not.  People simply coming in on the subtle levels and milking me is something quite different.   

Gardening also seems to help, getting out into the fresh air and my hands doing busy things in the earth. 

If you experience anything at all like this I suggest you be very firm.  And if it helps to say prayers or to go out into the garden then do that too.  You need your own energy so look after what belongs to you and let other people source their own energy in a more proper fashion.

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