Descent into the wasteland ~ the falling tower

The falling tower is used here as a metaphor for everything falling apart.  There are many ways we can experience disaster, trauma and ruinous loss: through illness, accident, political or societal injustice, upheavals of the natural world, economic woes, abuse, crime, warfare, loss of loved ones, or just plain disillusionment.

If this sounds like you, it may seem that you've been reduced to nothing, or as close to it as makes no difference.  Sometimes loss and trauma is visible and public, and sometimes it's private.  Either way it's something that has to be lived through - no one else can do that for us.  Nor should they.

You may feel bad if you've fallen apart in a situation which has not affected others the same way.  If so, it may be helpful to remember that  adversity affects each of us differently: what one person takes in their stride may cripple another; we're all different, have different temperaments and capabilities, and different challenges.  Comparing yourself unfavourably with others will just get in the way of you gradually getting back on your feet.

Battling on unassisted with the intention of toughing things out is also unlikely to be helpful: while it will work some of the time this approach may lead to more damage and more to come to terms with further down the track.

On the other hand, acknowledging the extent of your difficulties and beginning to sort through them - with the right support, is helpful and will enable you to begin finding the road back to something approaching 'normal'.

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