Abuse and related mental health issues ~ comments and links

Abuse could be defined as the misuse of power over others which results in harm.  Those so abused may not be able to defend themselves or believe that they can, or may not even realise that they are being abused - until later.  This last form, being insidious, can be particularly difficult to address, or at least I found it so.  

Abuse can take many forms.  This Wikipedia definition shows a broad sweep of them and provides many links which may be of interest.

The resulting trauma may be so severe that the sufferer becomes mentally ill.

Whatever form it takes the harm caused by abuse can be traumatising and require many years of assisted recovery.  Some recover rapidly, while others never do.  Hopefully with the right support and encouragement these wounds gradually heal.

I have written a number of other articles which include references to this subject.  These can be found through the label index on the right hand side of the page.

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